Island Pag

Island Pag is one of the biggest Croatian islands: with 285 km2, the fifth largest, and with 270 km of indented coastline is the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, beaches and capes. They say for the Pag Island that it is the island made of sea, rock and salt, and is also unique for its vegetation where there are almost no trees. Due to strong winds on the part of the island facing the Velebit mountain, there is no vegetation and the landscape resembles that of the moon. Pag is the largest kingdom of rocky ground on the Adriatic intersected by long stone walls, thin grass, aromatic herb cover of sage, wild mint and immortelle. Precisely these aromatic herbs are basic ingredients in the food of island's sheep on the rocky ground, and they give a special flavor to the famous cheese.